Are you a writer? If you are then like me you probably have ideas written on receipts, cereal boxes and napkins. Great in the moment--but bad  when you try and actually use them.

That is how the I Am a Writer Journal was born.

Here's How It Works:

  • Use the Numbered Header Lines to list your top three writing focuses for the week.
  • Use corresponding Numbered Boxes for your week's action steps based on writing focuses.
  • Use Weekly Calendar for writing/submission deadlines, critique meetings, webinar conferences, etc.
  • The Idea Catcher Page holds your new thoughts for titles, themes and story premises.
  • Use the Brainstorming Page to jot down all your amazing insights and inspirations.
  • Record the dates and topics of the Brainstorming and Index Pages in the index.
  • Enjoy the pleasing and uplifting visuals weekly inspirational quotes.

MY writing planner