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bringing you fairY Tales, magic, and happiness through art and coloring books
 if you look for magic, you are likely to find it

This coloring book is a beautiful work of art. Dea is amazing & her wonderful personality comes alive in her adorable drawing.i  Love the personal touch she added to my order with a special carD.  I already placed my order for another beautiful book...Everyday Magic. Can’t wait to get started!                                                                                         



Dea's hit another one out of the park with this Artist Edition of her newest book Everyday Magic. Paper is exceptional. Hope other artists are inspired by how she has bound this book.  fabulous idea!


Looking for a magical place to color? Look no further!  I'm not sure how such a warm, supportive, and talented group of people found my books and my gallery, but YOU can be part of it too!

EVERYDAY MAGIC contains 30 8.5 x 11 detailed line drawings printed on  lovely artist grade paper in the Artist's Edtion (right) sold on Etsy, with an amazing new replaceable binding so you can color each image individually, or printed in book format (left) with each image featured twice so you can create your own magic and share with a friend and sold on Amazon. Also on Etsy as a PDF. Penelope the Tiny Witch and The Buns are featured in this magical new book, too. They'll be happy to see you, too. xo


I just love Dea’s artist coloring books. They are superb quality and so much fun. She takes time to personally say thank you and puts her own special touches in the packaging.


welcome to the world of everyday magic