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Are your brilliant ideas for books written on receipts, scraps of paper, and strewn across your desk?

Do you ever wish you had a place for all your brilliant bits of brainstorming?

Wish no more!

The I AM A WRITER Planner has all of this and more.

  • A place for the week's top three FOCUS areas and three corresponding boxes to coordinate your ACTION STEPS.
  • A Brainstorming page to capture all your previously loose scrap-paper ideas. 
  • A Story Idea Catcher page for all your amazing titles. 
  • A Calendar for writing appointments like submission deadlines and critique meetings with open date spaces so you can start any time of the year.
  • An Index Page that coordinates the dates and topics of your Brainstorming and Idea Catcher topics. 
  • Additional lined space for any writing notes you need to keep.
  • One place for all your writing organizational needs. 

The planner is brimming with pleasing visuals for feelings of calm as you write, and sometimes a little smile. New inspirational notes keep you motivated, included GOLD STAR stickers reward your good work, and the calendar's theme changes weekly.

Welcome to my world of quirky coloring and art books.