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Spreading magic, peace, and happiness through coloring books

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Dea wants to see the world a happier place, and would like to see coloring recommended as much as therapy and meditation to help with anxiety, depression, or just to help you relax.


After illustrating a children's book called The Open Pillow, she spent a special weekend signing autographs at the Eric Carle Museum, and has not put down her pencils since! 


 "I believe everyone has a bit of magic brimming just below the surface. When we grab our pencils and crayons we use our every day sorcery to create. I simply give people a bit of a head-start. I hope you join me!"

About Dea

Dea traded her 9 to 5 gig as an editorial makeup artist to be a full time coloring book artist. The best part? Working from her sunny home office and envisioning her next whimsical book that she hopes you will LOVE. xo

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